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This is so yummy!!

For the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating the Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks, but haven’t tried it yet. Now I thought, why not try to make one myself? So I went ahead and bought Gingerbread-Spices (it’s a mixture including cinnamon, orange peel, coriander, lemon peel, star anise, fennel, nutmeg, mace, cloves, and cardamom), whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

How to make it:

– Fix yourself you favourite latte (I use one shot of freshly brewed espresso and some hot, frothed milk)
– Add about half a teaspoon of spices and some chocolate sauce
– Put lots of cream on top (mine is chocolate-flavoured)
– Add chocolate sauce on top
– Enjoy!

Let me know if you liked it and tweet me pictures of your very own Gingerbread Latte 🙂 Happy holiday season!