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Being a little sensitive plant

Hey guys!

Today I want to tell you about a new product I found last week while browsing through one of my favourite drugstores. Now, I’ve never been too picky about make-up remover as I always thought every single one I would ever purchase was going to irritate the skin around my eyes.

I know better now!! I got the Diadermine High Tolerance Cleansing Gel / Make up remover. This is seriously the most gentle stuff I’ve ever put on a cotton pad. I literally don’t feel anything, the thin skin around my eyes does not get irritated at all, there’s no redness – just nothing. And it removes my eye make up really well! To be honest I haven’t tried it on waterproof make up though, so let me know if you’ve tried that out πŸ™‚
You can use it all over your face, it’s a full face cleansing gel as well.
There’s no parabens, silicone or perfume in it so even if you have allergies, your skin should be fine. It wasn’t that expensive either, I think I paid under 5€ for it (4,99 I guess).

There’s a total of 6 products available from the Diadermine High Tolerance series and I’m really tempted to go out and try some more of them.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything else and if you liked it or not!


Oh, and by the way, this is my honest opinion, I bought the product myself and am not in any way affiliated with or sponsored by Diadermine or any other brands!