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April showers bring May flowers

I’m sorry for not having talked to you in such a long time! So much is changing in my life right now that I didn’t quite find the time to blog 🙂
I started a new chapter of my life job-wise on March 1st and am currently packing up my entire belongings to move in with my boyfriend on April 28th! This is very exciting for me as I’ve been living on my own for quite a few years now. But I’m so much looking forward to it!
I’ve decided to take this as an opportunity for a little moving-series on my blog, I’m going to take you with me to the new appartment and am planning on showing you a little bit of my organizing and home-decor ideas during the process 🙂

You’re also cordially invited to follow me on twitter to see what I’m up to while packing up all my stuff 🙂 If you have any kind of tips for me, feel free to contact me!