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Nivea Lip Butters

I’m so happy! Today I finally found the time to go into the Nivea Flagship Store in Hamburg to get my hands on the new Niveau Lip Butters. I’ve heard about them on the internet for quite a while now, but even if I live in the city the Beiersdorf headquarter is located in, it wasn’t possible to get them here in Germany.

Finally they are available now! So far you can only get them onlineΒ and in the flagship stores calles “Nivea Houses”. Good thing they have one in Hamburg!

The Lip Butters come in 4 different scents, Original, Raspberry RosΓ©, Caramel Cream and Vanilla Macadamia (who sees what happened on the sign? ;)) I thought “Original” would smell like the typical Nivea Creme, but to be honest, it doesn’t smell like much at all. The other scents basically are named pretty accurately: “Caramel Cream” smells like, well, caramel. As I’m not a very big fan of caramel, I didn’t buy that one. The two lip butters I couldn’t help but buying right away are “Raspberry Rose” (mmmmhhhhhhh!!!!!! Smells like an awesome raspberry smoothie!) and “Vanilla Macadamia”, which actually reminds me a little bit of white chocolate. I am already obsessed with these two products!

They actually don’t have a taste (maybe just a little, but very very subtle), which I like a lot. If lip products have a strong taste it kind of bothers me to use them right before or after eating and drinking…

The Lip Butters retail for €2,69 which seems to be a very fair price as the product is quite rich, you don’t need to use much of it to make your lips feel awesome! They nourish your lips with shea butter and almond oil. Just use your fingers to apply a small amound on your lips, it makes them feel smooth and moisturized for a good while without getting that typical feeling of “I-need-to-apply-even-more-lipcare-product-right-now” (can anyone relate to that?).

All in all, the Lip Butters are totally worth the excitement I feel for them! Definitely a favourite already πŸ™‚

What do you think about them?