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Hello everyone,

as most of you will probably know by now, I’m staying in another city (Leipzig) for 3 weeks this month. I rented a small room in a shared appartment. And by small room, I mean small room πŸ™‚ Not to say… it’s tiny πŸ™‚ Well, unlike when I’m really travelling I was able to carry basically as much stuff as I wanted. I rented a car and so I didn’t have to worry about fitting all my stuff into bags and suitcases. But still I had to limit myself as least a little bit in terms of what to bring. I wanted to quickly tell you which things I though I should bring.

ImageSorry about the bad lighting guys. The sunlight doesn’t directly fall into the room and the lamp on the ceiling makes a very dim light. Anyways, I think you should be able to see everything πŸ™‚

This shelf and a clothes rail are all I have for my stuff, that’s why everything’s so crowded. The two boxes you can see in the middle of the picture are stackable and you can close the top one with a lid, so that’s what I usually do to gain some space.

On the left you see some of my jewelry. I really didn’t bring a whole lot, I limited myself mostly to things that fit into the little pouch you can see in the background. I got that at TK Maxx last year and loooove it! It is covered with little rhinestones!

Next to that (in the back row) you see my haircare and -styling products, creams, and perfume. From left to right I have the L’Oreal Ever Pure Moisture Deep Restorative Masque. I’ve got the shampoo from that series as well, but that’s standing in the shower. I really like these products, they’re sulfate-free and smell like herbs. Mhhh! Next to that you see my hairspray. It’s just the Taft “Glatt & Glossy” with medium hold. I like it, got nothing special to say about it. Next to that is my oh so loved “Helping Hands” by Lush. This hand cream is a-ma-zing! It gives instant moisture to your skin without leaving a yucky residue… Love it!! Next thing is a volumizing powder by Taft. For a long time I hated this product, I even thought about throwing it away until I went to the hairdresser one day and told her about it. She asked me how I used it, I explained and she told me I had been using it the wrong way! Duuh… Ever since she showed me how to use it correctly I really really like using this product! I’ll write you a little tutorial on how to do it if anyone is interested – just let me know πŸ™‚ The bigger green bottle holds my L’Oreal Serie Expert Volume Expand shampoo. Yes, it does give volume, but it also tends to dry out my hair a little. That’s why I don’t use it on a daily basis.Β The white porcelain jar with the flowers on it is from Ikea. I keep my hair ties, clips, bobby pins etc. in there. Nothing too exciting really. Next to that you can (actually not really) see my Kanebo Sensai Silk Emulsion. I’m so satisfied with this! Ever since my cosmetician has recommended this for my skin, it has improved so much! So obviously this was a must-bring product! On the far right side you can see two products from John Frieda. One is the “TΓ€gliche Wunderkur”, a stay-in conditioner that I use regularly. It also serves as heat protection. The other one is a styling foam for creating curls which – to be honest – I haven’t tried yet. I bought it here in Leipzig but haven’t gotten around to curling my hair yet. Between the two is one of the perfumes I’m using right now, “Sport” by Jil Sander. I have other perfumes with me but those are only samples.

In the boxes are all my make up essencials. I’m not going to go through every single one of them, you’re getting the point I guess. My Naked 2 palette, two matte eyeshadows by MAC, brushes, my Sleek Face Form palette, lip glosses, lipsticks, mascaras, Urban Decay Primer Potion, fixing powder and an eyebrow pencil. The pot next to it with the pink lid is the foundation I’ve been using for a very long time now as an every-day foundation. It’s the L’Oreal Matte Morphose in the shade 110, Ivory Rose. The coverage is light to medium and it feels really good on my face. It stays put even on very long days. Fot going out at night I usually use liquid foundations, but this one was enough for my stay in Leipzig. Well, I guess that’s about it! As you can see I brought a magnifying morror with an LED on top which is perfect for plucking eyebrows. You also see my round brush with boar bristles, I also brought a paddle brush. And, last but not least, my Burt’s Bees Acai Berry lip balm.

This was a lot of information πŸ™‚ If you have any questions on the products or what I use them for – feel free to ask! Have a great rest of the week!