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As some of you might have seen on twitter, I’m spending my afternoon at Starbucks in the city center of Leipzig again. Foto (2) This has several reasons, a) Starbucks has really good coffee (even though I think it’s a little bit too pricy…) and b) the appartment I stay in is located in a very old house. Don’t get me wrong, I love the charm of old buildings! But with temperatures of around -10°C outside it’s just impossible to keep them warm. My room has an average temperatur of about 12-14°C and that’s just way too cold for me to feel comfortable. I’m a typical girl when it comes to being cold, I easily feel like I’m freezing to death even in temperatures around 20°C.

Well, let me tell you about my second week in Leipzig. Again, I had to work Monday through Friday. We did business-related trips to Berlin and Dresden too, so I didn’t get to see a lot of the city then.  Plus I caught a really bad cold, so I spent most of my nights cuddling into bed early (finished the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy!) or taking hot baths. I cooked lots of yummy food with my roommate and we had some nice talks about anything and everything. One of the reasons I like to sit in the kitchen with him at night – besides the fact that he’s nice to have around – is the old and beautiful tiled stove in the kitchen.


So the kitchen is the only warm room in the entire appartment, and the warmth coming out of the stove is indescribably cozy! And just imagine me finding out you could even bake things in it! A few days ago we made whole grain bread with different nuts (walnuts, almonds), flaxseed and sunflower seed in it. I cannot even tell you how good that was! Yesterday I went to the city center just to see what the day will bring me. I really had nothing special in mind and just drifted around the streets. In the afternoon I came across the “Zeitgeschichtliches Forum“, which is a museum that presents the history about dictatorship and opposition in the soviet occupation zone and the GDR, and about Germany’s divided and common history since the end of World War II. At the entrance of the exhibition you can choose one contemporary witness on a computer. You get to choose between different women and men from the former GDR who were born in

Zeitgeschichtliches Forum - Photo is from www.euromuse.net

Zeitgeschichtliches Forum – Photo is from http://www.euromuse.net

different decades, so their memories obviously differ. Mine was a woman called Christa Schuldt. Once you chose “your” contemporary witness, the computer prints out a barcode for you. Throughout the exhibition you will find different stations you can insert this card to, and every time you will be able to listen to “your” witness’ specific memory of historical events and their points of view. It was a great experience and I highly recommend everyone who has a little interest in history to visit this museum right in the city center of Leipzig. The entry is free!

Some night during the week I went to bar called “Horns Erben”. It was a very nice and kind of old-school place to chill out on one of their couches and have a glass of wine. I was really surprised to learn about the history of the bar though!

Horns Erben - Photo is from www.horns-erben.de

Horns Erben – Photo is from http://www.horns-erben.de

It has first been opened as “Horns Weinstube” in 1926 and was extremely succesful until in 1972 it fell victim to  socialism in the GDR: Expropriation. In 2004 the association re:tina e.V. discovered the historic building and brought it to new life. Great decision!

I guess that’s it for this week’s interesting discoveries I made in Leipzig. Tomorrow I’ll start into  my last week here, on Friday my boyfriend is FINALLY going to join me for the weekend and he’ll be taking me home to my beloved city of Hamburg on Sunday. I’m so excited to see him again and to go home to Northern Germany, because that’s where I’ll always feel at home 🙂