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Coffee – The favourite drink of the civilized world

Wise words, Mr. Jefferson!

Don’t we all know how good a good cup of coffee can taste? Be it a tall cup of Caffè Latte in the morning or a freshly brewed Espresso after lunch – coffee is always delicious.

Today I would like to introduce you to my ways of making my favourite types of coffee.

I have a Nespresso coffee maker (it’s the Essenza XN 2003 by Krups) and the Nespresso Aeroccino. 1 Seriously, those two little helpers are worth every cent! The variety of beverages you can create with them is just huge. The coffee maker basically makes two sorts of coffee: Espresso (a very small shot) and Lungo, which is about twice as much coffee. Nespresso sells different kinds of capsules for Espresso and Lungo but after a while I started using Espresso capsules for Lungos and vise versa, yes, it does change the taste but not necessarily always in a bad way. You can make a very strong tasting Espresso more mild when using a little bit more water or turn a Lungo whose taste you find too weak into a great Espresso.

Now if you use the Aeroccino to froth up some milk, you can turn your Espresso or Lungo into a Caffè Latte, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino etc, depending on how much hot “fluid” milk and steamed milk you add.  A great way to give variety to that is to add some coffee sirup (mine is from Monin, I have Macadamia and Caramel, Vanilla also tastes great!). 3 The Aeroccino heats your milk to I think about 65° C which is supposed to be the perfect temperature for the consistency of the milk froth (I like to use 1.5 % fat homogenized milk for a really dense froth). It comes with two different pieces to stir the milk while it’s heating up, one of the bits just stirs the milk so it doesn’t burn on the bottom (it still creates a nice little bit of froth) and the other one is used to really froth up the milk completely. Just don’t forget to put water in the Aeroccino right after using it, the bottom of it get’s really warm in order to heat up the milk so if you leave a few drops of milk in there they might stick to the bottom and it can become hard to clean out.

2 My favourite Nespresso capsules are probably Fortissio Lungo (dark green capsules) and for Espresso I like the golden Volluto and Dulsao de Brasil capsules. I really really liked this fall’s limited edition Crealto! Still have some of them left (they’re the ones in the picture that kind of look like fine chocolates, yum!) but they’re not sold anymore. Into the pictureframe I put blackboard foil on which I wrote all the coffee varieties I can make so my guests can choose a beverage they like.

Whenever I don’t feel like anything fancy but just want a freshly brewed clean cup of coffee I use this French Press by Bodum (this one is called “Kenya” and holds up to 1 liter). 4 Coffee just tastes so much better if you make it in this then in a regular filter machine! My favourity coffee to use in this is 100 % Arabica (for example I really like “Perlbohne” by Tschibo which is very mild but still intense Arabica). Don’t pour boiling water on the coffee though, it makes it taste bitter! Let it cool down to about 90°C, it will be perfect then. And be very careful to stir the coffee in your french press with a metal spoon as the glass might crack and your in danger to burn yourself. I prefer using a wooden spoon. This actually tastes awesome with a little bit of maple syrup in it! When I was in Canada in the summer of 2011 a friend suggested me to try it that way, and I still like doing it from time to time even though I usually just drink my coffee with milk.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. How do you make your perfect coffee? Do you have any tips on how to make coffee even more gorgeous?

By the way, thanks to Simon Jarvis who has inspired me to write this post by talking to me about his new Nespresso machine the other day. Thanks!


Nespresso coffee makers online (they still sell the Essenza but not the exact one I have)

The Bodum “Kenya” French Press online