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Precious GrandmaChristmas is almost there! I arrived at my parents’ house last night and this morning I went to visit my Grandma. My uncle stopped by to drop off my Grandpa’s old rocking horse, that inspired me to wander around the house and take a few pictures of things that I’ve always loved πŸ™‚

My Grandfather got the rocking horse from his Grandfather (so my Great-Great-Grandfather) for his 4th birthday in 1928. Every child in my family eversince has grown up with this rocking horse πŸ™‚ My cousin’s children are old enough not to use it anymore, that’s why my uncle brought it back to my Grandma’s house for now.

Next thing I love is the big clock standing in the corner of the living room. My Grandma’s parents got it for their wedding and my Grandma always tells me that at they got married at exactly 11 a.m. and the clock chimed when they kissed. I’m glad I got to take this picture at 11 a.m. as well!

The last picture shows an old radio my Grandma keeps in her kitchen. It still works but the sound is really really bad so it usually just sits there. But I think it’s beautiful.

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent! I hope that all of you travelling to your families all over the world arrive safely!