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I received my Glossybox this week! Let me give you a quick overview of the products that came in it this month:





First thing I got was this Concealer by the brand Cosline. The color is No. 965. To be quite honest I have never heard of this brand before, it is made in Germany and I’m very

Cosline Concealerhappy to try it! The concealer is supposed to match every skintone as soon as you apply it, as far as I know the color I got is the only one they have for concealers. I have only applied it once so far, it actually matched my skintone and the consistency felt nice. I will keep you updated about how I like it 🙂

I love this about Glossybox and other services, you get to try out things that you possibly wouldn’t have learned about otherwise.

Find the concealer online on www.cosline.de

Lavera Eyeliner Next thing I got is a Soft Eyeliner by LAVERA in black. It it double ended, one end is the eyeliner – obviously – and the other end holds a little sponge for smudging your eyeliner to create a smokey eye look. LAVERA uses very natural ingredients for their products. I think especially if you like lining your waterline or anything very close to the eyes natural products are always a good choice!

You can find the eyeliner online by clicking here.

You guys know I love Lush. So what else can I say, I was very happy to find

Lush Massagebutter

this Lush “Each Peach” massage bar in my Glossybox. I have never tried these massage bars but I’m excited to do so!

Find out more about is here.


Rene Furterer Okara ShampooRouge Bunny Lidschatten

I also got a shampoo by René Furterer Okara. It’s called “Active light” and is made for highlighted hair especially. That comes in quite handy as I do have blonde highlights. I haven’t tried this yet so unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about it just yet.

You can find the product here.



The last one of the regular 5 products you get was this eyeshadow by “Rouge Bunny Rouge” in the color “Mountain bluebird”. I’m not very much into blueish eyeshadows but I’m always very happy to receive make up items in my Glossybox so I’ll definitely give it a try!

Find them online here!

Last but not least there was a 6th product – yay! Eyelashes! They are labeled with “Glossybox” so I cannot tell you which brand they are originally from. Glossybox has been puting things like that in their boxes for a while now – so far I got a blush brush, I heating pillow for your coat pocket, a blush etc. Love that!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Only a few days to go!Wimpern