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Hey everyone,

some of you might have seen my post about about my beauty related birthday presents. One of those presents is the “Mask of Magnaminty” by Lush. Well, this weekend I’ve found the time to finally try it out!

The description on the back tells you to apply it on your face (or body, according to Lush it is very good for the skin on your back as well!), let it dry on the surface (not all the way through) and then rinse it off with some water. I let it dry for about 10 minutes and for me, that seemed to be just the right time!

I’ve told you before that the mask kind of smells like the impression compound dentists use. It has a minty kind of clay scent to it. It took me a minute to get used to it, but now I actually find it quite appealing!

The mask feels very fresh and cooling on your skin, the effect compares a little bit to chewing menthol chewing gum. It does not cause an uncomfortable feeling of tension on your skin!

Rinsing the mask off with warm water and your hands is quite easy. Just be prepared for a little greeen goo in your sink 🙂

My skin felt really fresh and clean after using the mask. I’m quite sure my skin looked smoother than before, my pores were minimized and the little wrinkles on my forehead (yes, guys, I’m 26…) looked smoother as well! My skin looked just bright, youthful and healthy. Even before applying my usual face cream my face didn’t have any feeling of tension at all, which is quite unusual for me as very often cleansing masks leave my skin to be very dry.

After all I can really really recommend this product, I’m so happy with it and will definitely repurchase it!

Foto 08.12.12 20 28 59Mask of Magnaminty on lush-shop.de (in German)

Mask of Magnaminty on lushusa.com (in English)