Hey you guys out there,

how do you spend your Christmas every year? I am so much looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my whole family every year, decorationg the tree with my Mom, going to church on Christmas Eve, eating all that good food that I have loved since I was a little child and just being happy. Of course I’m looking forward to getting presents as well – who isn’t? πŸ™‚ But sometimes I get to think about those many many children in the world that live in poverty. Their parents struggle to get a meal on the table every day, and for some of them that means that Santa Claus is not coming to their house on Christmas eve. Can you imagine how dissapointed a child must be to get this message?

As much as I love receiving presents for Christmas, I love giving them. This year I have decided to enable one child, that otherwise would be left without a present for Christmas, to opening a Christmas present as well. I have been looking for organisations online that help you donate a present for a child, may it be in your own city (yes, even in the industrial countries a lot of children won’t get anything for Christmas because their parents cannot afford to fulfill them even the smalles dream) or somewhere else in the world. This year I have decided to pack a present for a child in eastern Europe whose parents won’t be able to present him or her with anything. It’s so easy to make one little kid’s eyes shine brightly! Just take a shoe box or something like that and start filling it with things children love. You can either pack a box for a girl or a boy, or you can pack a unisex box. This is what I decided to do (maybe the family has a boy and a girl, so they both can play with everything they will receive…)

Here’s what I am going to put in the box:

– Colored pencils

– A coloring book

– A teddybear

– Christmas Stickers

– Cute socks and mittens

– A yoyo

– Sweets and chocolates

Those have been my ideas so far πŸ™‚ What else could I pack? I’d love to hear your ideas!

I really want to encourage all of you to look for some way of giving back at Christmas time, try to find a way to make someone’s Christmas a little less sad. You could also give something to a homeless person (watch Blair Fowler’s video on how to pack a blessing-bag here:

Here’s the website that I am going to use to send my package to eastern Europe (it’s a German website):

They also show you pictures of children who got one of those packages last year:

Let’s bring joy and happiness to people in need, at least for Christmas πŸ™‚