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Hey guys,

today’s blog is inspired by what I had in the mail today! But let me start to explain this:

Don’t we all love mediterranean food? I love Italian food in particular. And I’m not (only) talking about pizza or pasta, I’m talking about antipasti, olive oil to die for, fresh veggies, cheese, good vine and much more.

Now, last year for christmas, my Mom gave me a huge package. It was wrapped so nicely, the box was blue with white little stars on it. (I’m sure I took a photo of it, but I think I copied it onto my other laptop which is at work right now…). After I was done unwrapping it, it revealed what was inside: A whole bunch of good stuff! Little paper bags filled with different kinds of pasta, a bottle of olive oil, jars filled with different kinds of sauces and pesto, a bottle of red wine… even an Italian cookbook! All the labels looked like they were handwritten and just looked so awesome! It turned out my lovely Mom had gotten me a christmas-package from la “Fattoria La Vialla”, which is a family-owned agricultural business located in the Tuscany. From what I know, everything they sell has grown or been produced on their land (1342 hectare!) and I think (not sure though) that everything is organic. I was so thrilled! I think I don’t even have to mention how good everything tasted πŸ™‚

Well, and here I am, talking about my mailbox again: As soon as I got home after Christimas and went online to order the Fattoria’s catalogue. A few days later I already had it in the mail and I was so excited, they don’t send you those “boring” catalogues that you get handed out from everyone nowadays, no, the paper is really nice, there are so many pretty pictures in it and the font, like on the labels, looks like it has been handwritten just for you. It is amazing! Some pages show their products, some show pictures of the farm, the vineyard or the family and some pages explain certain products or ingredients to you.Β Ever since I ordered that first catalogue from them they keep sending catalogues or little postcards every so often. And today was one of those days! Lucky me πŸ™‚ This time I got the regular catalogue plus the christmas 2012 catalogue. I took a few pictures of what it lookesΒ like:



In my kitchen cabinet I just found one last package of pasta that I ordered a while ago, so I can show you that as well:
Well, if now I got you hungry for Italian food, go check out their website: http://www.lavialla.it (It is in German though, I apologize for that…)
Stay tuned for my next blogs πŸ™‚ Next weekend I’ll be in Vienna, Austria!
Bye guys, thanks for reading πŸ™‚