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Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking about what to tell you in my very first blogpost ever for quite a while now. Aaand it’s going tooo beee: A new business outfit I bought yesterday for a conference in Vienna that I’m going to be attending this month.

I already owned the black jacket that you can see in the picture, it came with a matching black pencil skirt that I’m obviously going to wear with the rest of the outfit πŸ™‚

The suit is from β€žSisleyβ€œ, which is a subsidiary of the Italian label β€žUnited Colors of Benettonβ€œ. I especially like the suits made by Sisley, as they are very slimly tailored. As I’m quite petite I often have problems finding well-fitting suits for me. So my tip for all of you girls out there with the same problem is: Go to Sisley! You’ll find something there.

Now, what I actually got yesterday is the top and the necklace, which I’m especially excited about! I got both of them from β€žMangoβ€œ, which is a Spanish label and definitely one of my favourites. I always find something good in there! The top is not quite as rosΓ© as it looks in the picture, it has more of a creamy-beige color to it. It’s made out of a silky kind of fabric and is cut very widely and flowy and I absolutely love it. I will loosely tuck it into my skirt though, otherwise it will be too long. The necklace is going to be the key-piece for this outfit! I think it’s so unique-looking and fashionable, yet suitable to wear to the office or a conference.The whole outfit will be rounded off by plain black heels.

Do you have any other ideas for cute, feminine business outfits? Let me hear your thoughts!

Suit: Sisley, about 120,00 € http://www.sisley.com

Top: Mango, 24,90 € http://www.mango.com

Necklace: Mango, 29,90 € http://www.mango.com